CE인증서 DOC Signed

CE- Declaration of Conformity

Like the CE logo. The Declaration of Conformity is one of the common threads throughout all the CE marking directives.

Basically, it’s a piece of paper which someone has to sign to say that. The product meets the requirements of the directive(s) which apply to it. The idea is that making someone put their signature on a piece of paper concentrates their mind on whether or not the product really does comply. It also allows an enforcement authority to identify. Who is responsible for a product and what that person claims to have done to CE mark it.

A properly issued Declaration of Conformity. Is always issued by the product’s manufacturer (or representative), importer or distributor. Never by a test house or Notified Body.
The Declaration needs to be signed by someone. Who has the power to make binding commitments on behalf of the manufacturer. But for the Declaration to be truly meaningful the signatory should also be someone. Who has the authority to commit the resources required to ensure that the CE marking process is properly completed. The effect of the Declaration is to identify an individual in the company who can be held responsible if the CE marking on a product turns out to be invalid.

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